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Harmonica Bruce’s party April 29 to May 2
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Jim Rumbaugh
1374 posts
Apr 09, 2021
6:47 PM
Harmonica Bruce’s party

Bruce Spratlin, a.k.a. Harmonica Bruce, posted on Facebook :
“Because there are no harmonica events this spring, Danny G and I are having a spring harmonica party April 29 to May 2. We have acres of camping space, rv hookups and I have a couple of extra bedrooms. All our harmonica friends and others are invited. Let me know if you're coming”

I plan on being there late Friday afternoon until Sunday about noon. Karen Combs has volunteered to come also to play some guitar and sing some blues tunes we can jam to. I’ll bring some of my lessons if people want to have any classes. I will volunteer to teach up to 3 classes, 45 minutes each. Between 1 and 4 on Saturday.

This is a free event with free food. There is space for camping or bringing a trailer or camper. There are motels about 15 minutes away. I may be in one of those motels.

The address is 21746 North Benton West Road, North Benton, OH 44449
This is the same place where Danny G holds his July Party and the Ohio State Harmonica Championship. Danny is the importer for Easttop harmonicas in the United States. He’s always happy to show, talk, and sell Easttop harmonicas.

You will usually find more chromatic players than diatonic players at these events. So it is a good place to hear and learn about styles other than blues.

I hope to meet some of you there for some jamming.

You can find Bruce Spratlin on Facebook and let him know you are coming, or tell me .... or just show up.

Jim Rumbaugh
The Huntington Harmonica Club

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

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830 posts
Apr 09, 2021
8:38 PM
Sounds like a good time!!!
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
3341 posts
Apr 10, 2021
9:34 PM
Wish we could! We're in place here for the foreseeable future. I hope y'all have a very big time.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




698 posts
Apr 11, 2021
7:09 PM
Really cool yr doing this----good luck n have fun
2984 posts
Apr 11, 2021
9:02 PM
Danny sells other brands too.
And I recently sold Bruce a chord Harmonica, make him show you what he can do with it!
I am afraid I will not be able to attend, but I’m sure a great time will be had by all. Hope you’ve had your shots!
Jim Rumbaugh
1375 posts
Apr 12, 2021
9:42 AM
Last night Chris Sutton confirmed he plans to come. Chris is a local guitar player and singer with a good blues repertoire.

There should be enough music to jam the blues
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
831 posts
Apr 12, 2021
4:17 PM
What about some old time stuff??
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
Jim Rumbaugh
1376 posts
Apr 13, 2021
8:40 AM

It's a party.
If you show up, You and I can play some old time tunes. I bet most of the chromatic players will join in with you with your tunes. And I know Karen can play along on the Harmonica Club standards we've done for years. Disclaimer. It will probably be like when you I met at Bean Blossom Festival with more old standards in the mix from the chromatic players.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
Jim Rumbaugh
1378 posts
Apr 29, 2021
6:51 AM

My guitar sidekick, Karen Combs, will not be with me for the party. Chris Sutton will be there with his guitar. We should be able to crank out plenty enough tunes to jam to.

Larry Youmans told me he's coming and bringing a few amps and mics that we can try out.

Chris and I plan to get there late Friday afternoon. I hope to see and meet some of MBH members there.

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

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