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One yar on, Morning is still around us...
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Mar 29, 2021
9:55 AM
Nearly a year ago, I went out before dawn to capture the sunrise over the East Bay hills across San Francisco Bay, then went to the Pacific side of town, for video to accompany this song intended to offer comfort as we went into lockdown - who knew we'd still be in it a year later?

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Apr 01, 2021
9:48 PM
Nice job, Mr. Winslow. Great video and an excellent soundscape to go with our beautiful landscape here on the Left Coast. I am very grateful. A very happy, cup of decaf/herbal tea morning "blues".

Honkin On Bobo
1540 posts
Apr 05, 2021
5:12 AM
I did. I knew we'd still be in it a year later. No medical expertise, just the common sense of seeing the magnitude of the shutdowns, lockdowns and things that were dramatically changed, and in rapid fashion with huge economic consequences.

My first thought was this isn't gonna be over anytime soon. I was thinking in terms of multi-year before we had our "old-lives" back. Exactly when? Who the hell knows.

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