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Front man? Billy Watson!
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2980 posts
Mar 27, 2021
7:39 PM
San Diego’s own, he will entertain you or die trying!
2981 posts
Mar 27, 2021
7:43 PM
Diving for dollars
ted burke
912 posts
Mar 28, 2021
10:23 AM
Billy Watson is as good a blues player as has ever strolled up to a mike. He is a wonderful player I've seen several times in these parts.
391 posts
Mar 28, 2021
10:28 AM
When California has everyone vaccinated and things open up I sure hope Billy will be playing somewhere near Laguna Beach!
691 posts
Mar 29, 2021
10:40 AM
watched the video----what a character.

I wish more artists realized that acting like a primadona super star is not very appealing to an audience. That includes those who have the chops to be a primadona.

the cooler and hipper someone tries to be, the stupider they look. The hippest anyone will be is to be themself. Thats hip.

This guy played and performed for the audience. He obviously has a sense of humor. They loved it.

I too hope covid ends soon. I miss seeing bands etc
733 posts
Mar 30, 2021
2:05 AM
Love his energy, phrasing, groove and tone. Should be much better known.

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