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A harp challenge for Valentine's Day!
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Feb 14, 2021
5:29 AM
On this song, which harmonicas do I play? When do I change my approach?

A cover of Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me Someone to Love":

Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
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Feb 14, 2021
6:18 AM
The intro is a low F in 2nd
@ 1:00 Bb in 3rd
You're back to low F at the end.
Grey Owl
1091 posts
Feb 14, 2021
6:41 AM
@ Rharrt1234. Ah, you beat me to it. I was too preoccupied jamming along on the two harps:) nice song.

Grey Owl
1143 posts
Feb 14, 2021
6:43 AM
too easy. Song is in C, that first notes are classic 2d position (low F) and then is 3d position, ergo Bb harp.

Good song!
Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.

Last Edited by rogonzab on Feb 14, 2021 6:44 AM
662 posts
Feb 14, 2021
7:41 AM
Thanks for listening!

Maybe I'm wrong, as I recorded this a few months back, but I remembered playing a 3rd harp on this. The Bb, the low F, and a C.

(Maybe the notes and movements are not distinctive enough to be picked up on easily? Maybe it can all be achieved on just the two harps?)
Marc Graci
YouTube Channel

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