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Weber 10A125-O - Dope?
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Dougie Blue
3 posts
Feb 11, 2021
11:10 PM
Hey, I've been reading lots of back posts where speakers are discussed at length and soaking up as much info as I can. I also have several amps w/o speakers - I play pedal steel and have always preferred having the amp beside me where I can adjust on the fly, so have separate speaker cabs. Pedal steel amps and speakers are not really right for harp. I've had good luck getting the amps to sound like I want using a Lone Wolf Harp Attack pedal and some other ideas, but the speakers are just not going to cut it. So I have decided to build a 2x10 speaker cab to use with my existing amps.

I'm certainly open to other ideas, but thinking I will use a Li'l Buddy and a Weber 10A125-O in it.

Which brings me to my question - there is not a lot of discussion on speaker dope I've been able to find on the forum. So - opinions: dope or not, and how heavy on the Weber? Listening to guitar sound samples for doped speakers doesn't really tell me much - how do you find it impacts the tone for blues harp?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice on this.
265 posts
Feb 12, 2021
1:20 AM
I was re-doing a Bassman RI. I decided on putting in two Eminence blue frame alnico's because I knew how they sounded (and I had four available). For the other two I researched Weber, Jensen, and Eminence. I did tons of research over months and found limited reviews and next to nothing in the way of harp test videos. It was frustrating and I knew I was flying blind. I decided on Weber Chicago Vintage Series (Vintage Series with pre-broken in chemically treater cones) 10A125-0 and 10F125-0, one each with smooth and ribbed cone. The combination of all four speakers provided variation of tone and break-up. Either no dope option existed (2014?) or I chose none.

I liked the 10A125-0 so much that a few years later I designed a variation on a 310 Bandmaster cabinet - strictly a speaker cabinet, no amp (picture on my website). Because I wanted a TV front it wouldn't accommodate 3-10" speakers so I put in a 10" blue frame and two 8" Weber's - an 8A125-0 and an 8F125-0. Weber no longer had the chemically treated cones but instructed me in how to use fabric softener to achieve the same effect. No dope option.

So, I think the 10A125-0 speakers are great. If I hadn't already had the blue frames I would have used no dope 10A125-0's in their place.
114 posts
Feb 12, 2021
7:55 AM
I had a 40W 2X10 harp amp built for me and used 1 Weber Alinco & 1 Weber Ceramic it sounds amazing ! I've used lil buddys for harp in the past & the Webers are IMO better sounding. I didn't use any dope, I needed an amp to sound good, cut through a loud band I think the one Ceramic helps in that & also sound good at lower volumes & I think the Alinco helps there. I ended up with a warm sounding amp that really has some bite to it. The amps I had the lil buddy in always sounded kinda "boxy" to me. Anyway have fun with you project.
383 posts
Feb 12, 2021
8:04 AM
Went back to my receipt for a 10A125-O in 2019.
Light dope and break in. FWIW, I am very happy with it in my original Princeton Reverb.
You can mention "Break In" in the comments at checkout.

Last Edited by TetonJohn on Feb 12, 2021 8:10 AM
Dougie Blue
4 posts
Feb 12, 2021
6:55 PM
Keep the answers coming - but to those that responded, thanks! Those with no dope don't seem to be complaining about cone cry (as those with 12" Webers have done) so I am currently assuming I'm fine either way. Has anybody compared side by side for tone changes?

Also, Lou: some followup question on your 2X10: were both smooth cone? Mixed bag? Do you have any samples I could check out? Thanks!
6897 posts
Feb 12, 2021
11:27 PM
I bought the one that is in my Silver face Princeton Reverb from TetonJohn. I really can't recall if it's doped or not.
Maybe you remember, TetonJohn?

I also don't know how much work it had done before I bought it, but I believe "not very much". It seemed to me that there was a fairly clear delineation between how it sounded when I first installed it and some time later after I had put a few hours of work in with the amp. I honestly believe this was due to a break-in factor, but I may also be having a lend of myself.

All I really know is that I love that amp/speaker combo.
384 posts
Feb 13, 2021
9:47 AM
Pretty sure the 10A125-O that I sold to SuperBee has no dope (my notes did not show that it DID, so best bet is no). FWIW, my notes do show that it was the "H" version (harmonica dustcap).
Funny SB that I ended up buying another one and choosing it to be the winner to stay in the amp!
115 posts
Feb 14, 2021
1:04 PM
Dougie, the speaker part numbers 10125-O & 10A125-O didn't know there was an option on the cones but looking at em they both appear to be smooth. All I have recorded is a few songs done live with the band with Iphone hard to get good read on amp sound but I could send that or if your really interested I could record something solo & send you that (I cant figure out how to post any pics or clips on this forum)
6898 posts
Feb 14, 2021
3:55 PM
I believe the final letter in the Weber model designation code (eg "O" in 10A125-O) indicates the cone type. O is a non-ribbed cone. That's my understanding; let me know if not the case.
385 posts
Feb 14, 2021
5:16 PM
Yes, the "-O" = smooth cone.

Last Edited by TetonJohn on Feb 14, 2021 5:18 PM
Dougie Blue
5 posts
Feb 14, 2021
5:59 PM
Again, thanks for the feedback! I decided to order two Webers - one 10A125-O (Alnico) and one 10F125 (Ceramic), both 8ohms, so I can wire it up for either 4 ohms or 16 ohms for the two. The amp I will initially use with them gets its max power with 4 ohms, so will start with that. So yes, one is a smooth cone, one is seamed - so hopefully the two will create a good range of tone! If I later decide I want to try a Li'l Buddy, I can always order one.

Both are "no dope" and have the "H" dust cap. My playing is not to the level that I am really seeking an "ultimate harmonica tone" I have in my head - just trying to get into the ballpark, and get more volume so I can hold my own against the local guitar players at the jams.

Now the wait starts - it takes 3 months to get stuff here as the only way to ship affordably to the Philippines is via freight forwarders who compile boxes into a container and ship via sea. Hopefully by the time it gets here and I get the cab built the COVID vaccines will have arrived locally and I will feel like getting back out and jamming again!
670 posts
Feb 17, 2021
10:37 AM
My friend built a1 10" cabinet for me----I forget where I got ideal dimension??

This only pertains to harp tone, but may help.

Call Ted Weber or email him-- but contact him---He was really cool. He's speakers r the sh.....

He also has bunch info to read, on website on dope etc

I wanted early breakup, big on bass and mid with toned down highs---THATS EXACTLY WHAT I GOT WITH HIS RECOMENDED SPEAKER.

Pt is; "tell him what u want --He'll suggest the correct speaker--He makes them

6900 posts
Feb 17, 2021
12:34 PM
I'm guessing it's a while since you spoke with Ted, Snowman. He died in 2009.
673 posts
Feb 19, 2021
8:50 AM
I m bummed to hear that----I bought mine about a year ago----whoever I got it from at weber was
a good guy. Thought it was Ted Weber.

Heres what I got 0n 5/17/20

heres what I bought and I love it
8 ohm
20 watt
Basket Color
sorry for mis info

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