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Favourite Foot Stompers?
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One Palm John
59 posts
Feb 08, 2021
9:03 AM
What are your favourite harp-only tunes that you can't help but stomp your foot to? I'm looking for a new tune to learn and I wanted something with an irresistible bounce.
732 posts
Feb 08, 2021
11:36 AM
Not quite solo harmonica, but this makes me stomp. Holler on occasion too.

One Palm John
60 posts
Feb 11, 2021
7:05 AM
Nice! I'm a big fan of his Whole Lotta Rosie cover, amazing showmanship and great rhythm.

Sorry I don't know how to embed on this forum:

608 posts
Feb 12, 2021
8:54 PM

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ted burke
908 posts
Feb 12, 2021
9:22 PM
Here's one from Larry Raspberry and the High Steppers highlighting the underappreciated Fingers Taylor on harmonica. Foot stomping galore.

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