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Rocket/ SP20 LF#
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Feb 04, 2021
12:54 PM
Interesting thought. The reed spacing is the same but I think that's about all. I have an old "masterharp" tuning table and I use the same slot template on that for both sp20/rocket and LO reedplates, but I have to shift the perimeter.
You would have to remove some reedplate material and either drill the reedplates to accept the sp20 layout for fasteners or work out a new way to do it. I think you would need to remove the location lug from the comb as well.
I've seen it done with fitting marine Band plates to special 20 combs.
I don't know if it's feasible. I would suggest checking it out with some old reedplates first before committing. I think I'd be more inclined to just use a Lee Oscar.
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Feb 04, 2021
2:59 PM
If you don't want to try the Seydel Session Steel Low F# we discussed in a recent thread I would suggest just buying a Lee Oskar or even a DaBell Low F#.

Trying to make a different brand of Low F# plates fit a recessed comb for SP20 or Rocket could perhaps be done, but success in making a good playing Low F# harp would be questionable. Better to get a harp with similar construction to SP20 of a different brand.

I haven't played Lee Oskar or DaBell Low harps, but the DaBell regular keyed harps seem fine, and I used Lee Oskar harps for years back when Hohner had manufacturing problems and poor quality control.

I do find the Seydel Session Steel Low harps to be good and use them in several keys.

Doug S.
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Feb 04, 2021
3:48 PM
Hey Guys, Thanks for your quick replies and input! Sounds like a lot of work and expense for the few times I'd need an LF# when the bandleader calls for a number in Db. I currently play SP20's here in FL & Oskar's up in MI. Sounds like the best choice is to just go with a new set of Oskar reed plates and keep swingin' the blues!
Miguel Primero

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