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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > Paul Delay's 24 bar solo on Aint Fooling Around
Paul Delay's 24 bar solo on Aint Fooling Around
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Jan 22, 2021
8:34 PM
I will get it close in a couple of years LOL

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Jan 28, 2021
11:46 AM
Ive been messing with this lead for over 2 months on n off-----i love it

It has the entire harp in it---thats my thing---

He doesn't just jump to the high end "play a triplet" and then jump back to low end. {as so many players do}

He incorporates ascend and descending runs as well

I've studied Piazza for years . The last year its been mostly Delay -His note choices are very new to me. Its hard to change my muscle memory. BUT THATS WHY I LIKE HIM.

His tempo is about 177 bpm and I feel he plays it cleanly. I think "Juicy harp" piazza, is about 207 bpm. cant remember.

177 is not that fast, but Im having a difficult time doing this at that tempo---- I can do it fairly clean at 170 or so---but the junp from 170 to 177 screws me up

Give it a go

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