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Blade Runner
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Grey Owl
1080 posts
Jan 04, 2021
2:12 PM
The 1982 original Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is one of my Top 3 Sci-Fi films.
This Sax solo featured on the Love Theme written by Vangelis and appeared towards the end of the film when a love interest developed between Rick Deckard (played by Harrrison Ford) and Rachael (played by Sean Young). I'm using an Ab harp on this.

Grey Owl

Last Edited by Grey Owl on Jan 04, 2021 2:18 PM
1670 posts
Jan 05, 2021
6:15 AM
Nice work, GO! I´ve seen this luscious film quite a few times but have missed that little gem.
(I´ve seen the sequel one (1) time and that will have to do.)
Grey Owl
1081 posts
Jan 05, 2021
12:39 PM
Hey, thanks Martin. I've watched it quite a few times also, but couldn't get on with the new one at all unfortunately.

Grey Owl

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