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HARMONICA SOUNDBITES - Daily Videos in January
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Jan 02, 2021
8:21 AM
Happy New Year my Friends... Let's hope it turns out to be!

Like most of you I'm sure, occasionally I've idly scrolled through the zany world of TikTok videos! I was intrigued to try out the ultra-short video format myself, to see what could meaningfully be played on a harmonica in 15 seconds or less...

I signed up yesterday, and decided to give myself the task of doing one TikTok video per day in January, along with uploading it to Instagram (which I've also just joined). Plus a slightly longer one for YouTube and, for suitable pieces, an extended Teaching Version for those interested to learn more about the tune and harmonica/effects I'm using.

Here's the first in the Series (Links to the harmonica and the in-depth Vimeo Teaching Version are in the Description below the video):

If you feel like suggesting some ideas for future videos in this series, please do! I'll try to include them if possible.

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