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Help identify riff song and band if you can please
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John M G
408 posts
Dec 31, 2020
6:12 PM
Back in 1997 we had a house break in and they stole my complete CD collection. I made this video 5 or 6 years ago and was going to post it here on the forum but didn't feel the quality was good enough to post here. My new years resolution is to give up procrastinating so if you can help with tittle of the song and the band that played this piece I'd be really grateful.
It was a compilation CD, not a great help. I can remember only something about the lyrics, words to the effect he (or she) had a razor in his (or her) shoe!
That's all I can remember,I can't tell you how current the CD was back in 97 but if you recognise it I'd be really really happy to know what it is. Here's the link
Unknown riff

Happy new year everyone

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Dec 31, 2020
7:18 PM
"Hello dreams,I am grateful for this information you have shared with us. I think I know better now. I wish you all the best things in life..
823 posts
Dec 31, 2020
8:33 PM
that bit of lyrics you posted is in the song Bad Bad Leroy Brown. eg: he got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun, he got a razor in his shoe
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
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Dec 31, 2020
9:47 PM
Pretty hard to hear Leroy brown in that harp though.

John, I'm not aware of what you listen to. i usually assume people on this forum are totally across all the stuff i listen to but sometimes i am surprised. can you give any more clues about this. Is there any chance its blues from before the mid 60s
John M G
409 posts
Dec 31, 2020
11:14 PM
Hi Super
Leroy Brown is a false lead, it's definitely nothing to do with the track apart from the shared lyric which I had no idea probably originated in that track.

The riff is fairly accurate, I used to play it over and over.
I would have thought it would have been a US band, probably from the 80's or early 90's possibly even the 70's but if it originated from earlier it had the feel of a later cover. I can't even remember the name of the CD.
I thought if I played the riff someone would immediately say, I know that!!!!
Here's hoping someone will know it
824 posts
Jan 01, 2021
6:01 AM
I didn't listen to the riff before posting, just went on the lyrics. After listening to the riff Super Bee is right about hard to hear Leroy Brown in that.----------
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
14 posts
Jan 04, 2021
11:51 AM
I had (have?) that CD you are talking about John M G.


The song is Sweet Lolita
276 posts
Jan 04, 2021
1:12 PM

John M G
410 posts
Jan 04, 2021
5:16 PM
Oh man!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
That's it.
Thank you so much guys. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to listen to this again after all these years.
And today I'm celebrating my 38th wedding anniversary!
Thanks everyone, especially Bluebird and Rhartt
15 posts
Jan 05, 2021
10:45 AM
Happy anniversary! 38 years!!

In a row? With the same person?
John M G
411 posts
Jan 05, 2021
8:23 PM
Absolutely, 100%

6 months after we got married, after a motorcycle racing accident that put me in hospital for 3 months, she has stayed by my through all my other idiot moments!

There a some others like her, but they're rare, I'll give you that.

I got onto Discogs and found a copy of the CD here in Australia which is on it's way to me now.
I really can't thank you guys enough.

Cheers John
4 posts
Jan 15, 2021
8:47 AM
Well, Happy Anniversary AND thanks for asking about this tune! So good! We all benefit from your asking... I'm sitting here looking up Lee McBee

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