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basic theory video
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Dec 29, 2020
11:19 AM

pretty basic video--thats why its good--explains intervals ---difference between major n minor etc

for anyone interested in theory (that doesn't play another instrument)---I suggest u buy a very cheap little "all in one" keyboard. with built in speaker. $20-$40 used or new. The layout on a keyboard gives a great visual if 1/2 steps , whole steps etc

If u go to a jam it helps to understand some basic theory. It helps u get invited back.

if u start early, in yr playing, to learn a little, it will help later on.

U don't have to rush---just little at a time

I took way to long to learn some theory----I reached a huge stagnant point on harp. When I started to learn some theory for guitar, it helped break my harp stagnation.

Probably the first step is to learn the difference between a Major chord and a minor chord.
on "Thrill is gone" it uses a Bm chord -- on first few measures

For the sake of showing u what a major third sounds like over minor chord " bad"------use 2nd pos " E haro"--

loop the first chord being played a Bm

play a 3draw unbent over the first chord in song---hear the dissonance, how bad it sounds
try 7draw --same thing ''ick"

Now same loop ------play "3 draw 1st bend"--wella"" it fits--
bounce back n forth between 3 draw and "3 draw 1st bend"
hear the difference.

learn why 3rd pos works in minor and or a nat minor harp

don't wait too long like I did--learn the basics-peace

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John M G
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Dec 29, 2020
9:24 PM
Thanks Snowman.
This is an area in my music journey I'd like to improve.
I've got the circle of fifths committed to memory but that's where it pretty much begins and ends. But having watched the video, maybe it's more use than I thought!
I new about the number of sharps and flats in each key but not the significance it had. I'd heard proper musicians would signal key signatures by the numbers of flats or sharps with the same number of fingers pointing up or down so there were no mistakes on what key they were in.
I've been thinking about getting a keyboard to make more sense of the intervals. I'm fortunate that the guitar player in our band is also a music teacher and he's been trying to help me understand more about theory. Happy new year everyone.

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