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Some recent noise
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Dec 29, 2020
2:43 AM
A recent lockdown recording project - myself on harp/vocals, Tom Jackson on guitars.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, all things considered.

650 posts
Dec 29, 2020
9:25 AM
Recording is a pain in the posterior without a designated recording room.

Nice , fills on harp, they fit the song
good job--- good patience --- cool song-- good mix

Like the bass drum beat keeper or is that a hand slap on guitar.

What did u use to record??

I like it --funky
367 posts
Dec 29, 2020
9:40 AM
Thanks, snowman.

For recording, we just used a couple of decent mics straight into laptop. (Tom is the one with the software knowledge!)

Then we just mixed it between us.
730 posts
Dec 29, 2020
3:29 PM
That was excellent, kudos to you both.
Any plans to gig this when things are back to normal?
Jim Rumbaugh
1371 posts
Dec 29, 2020
6:59 PM
that was better than good.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
292 posts
Dec 29, 2020
7:50 PM
Now that's the way to do a lockdown. Mucho kudos.
Grey Owl
1076 posts
Dec 29, 2020
11:47 PM
I like that noise!

Grey Owl
368 posts
Dec 30, 2020
12:43 AM
Thanks, guys.

@GamblersHand - sure, we will definitely be gigging it when that's viable again.

In fact, the duo was conceived early in the year predominantly as a live gigging outfit. Then March happened. So it became a recording project just so we could continue to make music.

Thanks for listening :)

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