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Amp line out question
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Dec 28, 2020
2:26 AM
I sit in (try) with a band in one particular venue. The band is a 5 piece and I generally stand on the side of a small stage. It is almost impossible to do so because when they turn up I try and of course feedback. I use a bulleteni mic and a lone wolf 40 amp with a cabinet speaker. I’ve already installed a low gain preamp tube. Would it work to have a line out added with a volume control (instead of my seinheiser mic)where the volume to the PA could be turned up louder from the amp volume? Do I need to go to a regular mic? This is the only place I seem to have this problem so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
John M G
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Dec 28, 2020
3:36 AM
I have just bought and received an IM 10 integral microphone system to give me a line out on my 65 Princeton Reverb. I saw that Will Wilde uses one on his Honeyboy amp. They're available in either a 10" or 12" version.
It's a dedicated mic directed at the speaker sweet spot that will give consistent results.
Here's a link to their site, great people to deal with.
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Dec 28, 2020
9:21 AM
The Harp Train 40 does not have a line out?

You may want to just mic your amp to the PA, is just easier if you want a little extra in the PA.

If you can't keep up with a 40w maybe you need to just go straight into the PA, that is another popular way.

Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
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Dec 28, 2020
11:37 AM
This is too much jibber Jabber---but feedback is always potential problem for harp players ---so in my opinion the more u know ---the better
hope this helps

I have a sennheiser mic, to mic amp ( the one Adam suggests) works well'

The deal is when u mic yr amp u now have 2 feedback possibilities---

Like yrslf I have micd my amp b4 -no problems----I've mic'd and had problems

Im very anal and like to cover "ALL" the bases;
1]I bring my sennheiser mic to mic amp
2] I have a line out if needed (it clips on spkr
and has 1/4" out--Will give http for the product
3] I bring my "lone Wolf" Harp shield for

4] In case I have to go through Pa, I bring a "Di
Why my own : to quickly Unplug an SM 58--put XLR
from 58 into “ out “ on box ( that goes to PA)

I use my High imp mic (into pedals) then into DI

5] If going thru PA; I tell PA Person just worry
about volume---DON'T TRY TO GET RID OF DIRT --I

6] pedals after mic to go thru PA
--- 1] Lone Wolf Terminator (optional)
---2] Lone wolf harp tone ( especially when using J
ricci mic or 545 --- maybe off with CM elements
---3] I bring both my Lone wolf Harp attack and harp
break---usually use harp break ( it gets dirty
quicker )
---4] Last------- delay slap back

Note; I use house reverb but b careful -----reverb can cause feedback

Note; make sure u can hear monitors---make them loud -cause when band starts , it drowns out—it can cause feedback—

If big problem feedback -----then I keep my mic down and boost the signal more than mic

So now preferably;
1] I use my amp --unmic'd
2] Amp mic’d
3] still feedback-- I go amp line out---no mic on amp
4] worse comes to worst I use pa with set up above

Heres what I bought for a line out--- The guy may have to make it, after order----simple to use transferable from 1 amp to another—no real loss of tone ---u can use yr amp as a second monitor and or main sound---now yr amp sound is going through Pa which is monitored----u have a montor behind u (yr amp) as well----------U can turn amp down if feedback and have pa turned up===PLAY WITH IT




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Dec 28, 2020
1:47 PM
This may or may not be helpful in your situation, but I keep my (miked) amp in front of me and tilted so it is pointed right at my head (monitor style). The PA takes care of getting my volume into the house. I leave room to turn up w/o feedback if needed. (oh, and none of me in a monitor that is nearby.)

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Dec 30, 2020
2:49 AM
Thanks so much guys......great stuff here. ....Cheers and HNY!

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