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Whammer jammer
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10 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:09 AM
My attempt at a classic.

Soap Music
25 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:39 AM
Excellent stuff. I'd swap yer my Ray Bans and kitchen cabinets to be able to play it like that, man.
Plug it into a dirty amp and with distortion and hit us again.
John M G
403 posts
Dec 16, 2020
5:04 PM
So when's the album coming out Tony, Man, you do love taking on the easy ones!
Great job.
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers JG
800 posts
Dec 17, 2020
10:07 AM
John - was thinking the same thing. Tony comes out swinging with all these posts!
Ridge's YouTube

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