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OT kinda: Wooly Bully is 15 bar blues song
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Jim Rumbaugh
1370 posts
Dec 16, 2020
9:39 AM
Out of the blue I was thinking about the old tune Wooly Bully. I wanted to confirm it was a 12 bar blues. When I counted I got 15 bars. The first 1 chord is held for 7 bars, then the rest is a traditional blues pattern. I never knew. Now I want to go to a jam and say, "we're gonna do a 15 bar blues", just to mess with the other jammer's head. (gee, during this covid thing, I just wanna go to a jam, period)

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
Soap Music
28 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:48 AM
Check out Nine Below Zero's version - 'live' at the Marquee.

Last Edited by Soap Music on Dec 16, 2020 10:48 AM
11 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:55 AM
Love it! Good song to cover with the band... Hmmm yes, I think we will
729 posts
Dec 17, 2020
2:45 AM
Fun fact: it was reworking of Hully Gully Now by Big Bo & The Arrows, which apparently was influenced by Feelin Good by Junior Parker, which in turn was of course influenced by Boogie Chillen by JLH, who was never one for a standard number of bars

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