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UK harp hidden treasures V US
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Soap Music
20 posts
Dec 14, 2020
10:52 AM
Have you got any hidden gems of harmonica players in the backwoods of the badlands or maybe in the dusty or frozen counties of the colonies? My recommendations for you to check out on Google?
Stevie Smith (Ruthless Blues, Sin House).
Mark Feltham (Nine Below Zero)
Will Wilde
Lew Lewis (Lew Lewis Reformer)
Paul Gillings.
Paul Jones (Blues Band, Manfred Man)

Last Edited by Soap Music on Dec 14, 2020 11:45 AM
381 posts
Dec 14, 2020
12:10 PM
Hey Soap. I’m with ya on Paul Jones. There are videos of him on YouTube performing “you got to move” that are just superb. Great harp, and his own spin on the lyrics.

Do you know of Errol Linton? Another great, and greatly under appreciated, Pommy harpist.

Last Edited by Sundancer on Dec 14, 2020 12:16 PM
Soap Music
21 posts
Dec 14, 2020
12:21 PM
Errol Lynton, kind of Blues/reggae. Saw him in a place called Coggeshall in the Essex flatlands during the 70s.
Soap Music
22 posts
Dec 14, 2020
12:24 PM
Re: Paul Jones, try and find a South Bank special from the 80s, featuring The Blues Band, Nine Below Zero and Dr Feelgood ALL playing Route 66.
3290 posts
Dec 15, 2020
3:32 PM
Not hidden but John Mayall.

Music and travel destroy prejudice.




ted burke
900 posts
Dec 15, 2020
5:21 PM
Don't forget Cyril Davis, who taught all those first generation Brit bluesers how to wail on the harp.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QynodK3u0O8
Soap Music
23 posts
Dec 16, 2020
2:15 AM
Oh Cyril Davis, reputed by many to be the grandfather of the British Blues Harmonica. He use to be the presenter on Radio 2's blues show and then subsequently continued by Paul Jones for years and years. Now being presented (very badly) that Welsh woman who l can't understand a word of.

Last Edited by Soap Music on Dec 16, 2020 2:39 AM
Soap Music
24 posts
Dec 16, 2020
2:17 AM
.. the harmonica player from Alabama 3 (son of a great train robber, l think).
728 posts
Dec 16, 2020
3:44 AM
Steve Weston is getting a little more international recognition and richly deserved kudos lately.
Lee Sankey isn't very active any more but is a superb player
Paul Lamb, Giles King, Liam Ward, Giles Robson... all worth checking out

btw, Errol Linton playing in the 70s? Don't think he started that young!

Last Edited by GamblersHand on Dec 16, 2020 6:16 AM
Soap Music
26 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:43 AM
Paul Lamb indeed, one time blower with the Geordie band The Blues Burglers. I saw them in Sydenham in the 80's in a pub called The Greyhound. He's gone a bit jazzy, more hard edge in them days.
Soap Music
27 posts
Dec 16, 2020
10:46 AM
I think Errol Lynton has East Anglia concections, dunno. I'll stand corrected by those in the know m

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