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I'm looking for some tuning help
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Dec 07, 2020
3:56 PM
Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of help tuning my stock Marine Band in C. I've been playing away on this harp for about 5 years now. I just drilled out the nail holes and replace with 4 screws/nuts. I thought while I was abut it I'd give it a tune up. All is well and sounding great until hole 10 it should be C but it's blowing G and 16 cent !

How can that be and how can I fix it?

Thanks for the help.
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Dec 08, 2020
4:24 AM
Hard to say. I'm gonna guess something happened during the refit. How does that reed sound? Does it play easy and sound healthy?
Is the note higher or lower than it should be?
Have you inspected it to ensure no burrs or other obstructions?
Have you tried "plinking" it?
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Dec 08, 2020
9:41 AM
Some how-to videos:
Hohner Harmonica Workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfC9OPmhyuU
Richard Sleigh:
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Dec 08, 2020
12:06 PM
Hi guys, thanks for you replies. The harp is stock and never been tuned since it left Germany. Thanks for the links but I've looked around the tube. I'll just tune it up till I hit the C. On such a short reed I probably won't need knock off too much material. They usually come up to tune pretty fast.
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Dec 08, 2020
12:22 PM
That's right they don't take a lot of work to change. I'm a bit worried the reed is damaged though. If it's playing the G below, that's like the note of the 9 blow.. For a reed to be that low without interference, I'd generally expect it's fractured.

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