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Paul DeLay harp mic
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Dec 01, 2020
11:51 AM
Hi there,
I watched a YouTube video of Paul DeLay yesterday, I think it's under the heading Paul DeLay (Back in the day). It's approx 30mins of a gig and I wonder if anyone out there can tell me if his microphone is modified in someway? At times he appears to pull at something from the rear of the mic and it's not clear if it's just his way of creating effect with his hands or if there is something connected to the mic.
Many thanks
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Dec 01, 2020
5:13 PM
Looks like a volume knob to me. Could be riding the feedback edge and trying to control it.

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Dec 03, 2020
10:49 AM
IIRC Paul had a volume control mounted on the back of his bullet. However, he also used to talk about varying his sound by *opening* his hand cup instead of always keeping it tightly sealed
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Mar 27, 2021
12:30 AM
Close to the time of his passing, what I know about is his mic and amp rig. On his last album "Heavy Rotation" he mentions his "Space Case". His mic was just a standard JT-30 (I believe it was ceramic but may have been crystal) with volume under that I saw and he showed me.
For his "Space Case", there were plans to market this and sell them. The man who worked on my Fender Tweed Amps at the time invented and built this for Paul. I lived in Oregon at the time, I was south and Paul was 5 hrs. north in Portland, the amp tech (Ray ((cannot recall his last name but, he had electronics engineering degree and was best tech I've ever seen).
The Space Case was a large hard-shell black case (large and thicker than standard briefcase but, not too much, like an audio case. Inside were his harps (Stock Big River diatonics and one Hohner Super 64X Chromatic), his JT 30 and his Pre-Amp with tube that went to PA system. He plugged his mic cable into side of case, bottom corner, and inside was very small Pre-Amp with one or two 12AX7 (I believe, may have been 12AY7), from there (and I don't know the internals how it converted) it used a standard XLR cable from PA system to go to house PA.
I know this as Paul showed me. Also, one day I received a call at home from the amp tech. He said he was working on Pauls' pre-amp and since Paul was 5 hours north Paul had asked him to call me and see if I would go to shop and test out the repairs. Of course!!!! I went to shop an proceeded to plug in one of my mics (crystal) and play/test it out. It sounded cool of course. I am a bit short on recall (this was about late 2006/early 2007 just before he died) about the tubes. He had invented a model with one tube and one with two tubes, I think Paul's had the two tubes. Anyway, this is how I know they were planning on joint venture to build sell these for harp players as Paul's "Space Case". He did use this on his "Heavy Rotation" Album. I cannot swear on his mic element, it sounded too smooth to me to be a CR/CM and it sounded more Ceramic (as Primach) to me than Crystal BUT, I am not positive.
Hope folks may be interested to hear this as we all know what a unique player he was and he was always super nice to me.

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