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Harping for health
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Soap Music
1 post
Nov 28, 2020
3:47 AM
Has anyone else noticed the improvement in breathlessness after playing the harmonica for a hour or so? I smoke and l am a unfit 63 year old but my breathing and overall well-being improves after a blow out.
I'm sure asthma sufferers (young and old) would benefit from learning this instrument.
38 posts
Dec 22, 2020
4:26 PM
David Barrett an instructor in CA teaches harmonica at the local hospital in San Jose in the repertory dept. It is a proven way to exercise the lungs and bring oxygen to the brain.
3293 posts
Dec 22, 2020
7:03 PM
I'm convinced that playing harp for all these decades has saved me from the worst of damage from smoking, which I did for 35 years. Blessed to be free of that for over 8 years now.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




Soap Music
33 posts
Dec 23, 2020
2:22 AM
Thanks for your replies verifying that playing the Mississippi saxophone improves one's lung capacity, especially for us dirty smokers . My only problem now is stubbing the cigarette out in my eye whilst holding a fag and vamping the harmonica.

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