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Sax Appeal
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Grey Owl
1072 posts
Nov 27, 2020
3:33 AM
It's interesting to note the power of a 'hook in a song. We all have our favourite harp examples. They grab your attention and help you to look favourably at a song even if the rest of the song doesn't match the strength of the hook.

As soon as you hear the hook you're all ears.

Here are a couple of examples of short saxaphone hooks that have always grabbed my attention. I played a low F harp in 4th I think although I could be wrong.....I often am ;)

Grey Owl
797 posts
Nov 27, 2020
5:36 AM
Nice job on two iconic riffs!
Ridge's YouTube
790 posts
Nov 27, 2020
9:19 AM

Grey Owl
1073 posts
Nov 28, 2020
12:41 PM
Thank you!

Grey Owl

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