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Overblow.com is back from the Dead!
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Nov 20, 2020
7:46 PM
Thank you Nacoran for the news.
Retune your chromatic!
The tuning listed as Gnarly Diminished should actually be credited to Dr. John Yeadon.
They also do diatonic.
2203 posts
Nov 20, 2020
10:26 PM

Doug S.
2208 posts
Nov 22, 2020
2:35 PM
Nacoran deleted the spam!

Overblow.com used to be a very good resource for harp information and I hope it will continue to be available.

Doug S.
2922 posts
Nov 22, 2020
4:35 PM
It looks like Tinus simply restored the existing pages.
And the info is from Pat Missin's Altered States data, put into a visual form.
It would be fun to have a DM48 and plus all this stuff in, to check out what was most useful.
Sadly, I have not yet invested in one.

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