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Looking for advice on two-microphone recording
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Nov 13, 2020
3:54 PM
Hey guys! Hope you're all doing good.

I'm here to ask you for studio gear advice.

Next week I'm gonna record two acoustic harmonica tracks for my next solo album, and I feel like I need to contrast my strategy with someone else.

This is what I was thinking:

Since I play with lots of octaves and chords, I thought it could be a good idea to record with two microphones: a condenser 1 meter/3 feet in front of the harmonica + and a dynamic mic placed right below my left hand, using proximity effect to capture all that extra body of bass-like sound.

Does it make sense for you? What would you suggest? Is there any microphone combination you'd recommend?

Here is an example of my octave and chord use.

Thanks a lot guys, have a great weekend and stay safe wherever you are!

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