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ted burke
896 posts
Nov 04, 2020
11:02 AM
The man was a fine, fine harmonica player in the 60s folk boom, famous for playing in the trio Dave Snaker Ray and Spider John Koernet, and made an influential album Blues Rags and Hollars. Glover later wrote an important instructional book Blues Harp, which basically started a generation of white guys on the instrument. a SAD DAY
for the blues harmonica community Fascinating NY Times obituary here:


Tony Glover, Master of the Blues Harmonica, Is Dead at 79
3273 posts
Nov 04, 2020
11:50 AM
I was one of those guys who had his book. Good guy, RIP Tony.

Music and travel destroy prejudice.




2193 posts
Nov 04, 2020
12:01 PM
That is the book I used when I switched from chromatic to diatonic in the early '70s. It helped.

Another one gone...

Doug S.
366 posts
Nov 04, 2020
3:05 PM
I found this promo
2907 posts
Nov 05, 2020
5:02 AM
Great clip.
“ it’s nice to get recognition for something BEFORE you die.”
Famous last words.
Koerner and Murphy made a great album on Elektra.
2323 posts
Nov 05, 2020
9:24 AM
Ummm, Glover died May 29th last year, almost a year and a half ago.

And here's the post from back then:

In other news, James Brown is still dead.

Last Edited by timeistight on Nov 05, 2020 9:38 AM
2194 posts
Nov 05, 2020
10:05 AM
Good catch, timeistight!

I didn't notice the date of the obit in the link in the OP.

However, I AM glad that it was posted even though late, because the promo video embedded above by Spderyak is cool.

Doug S.
372 posts
Nov 05, 2020
10:07 AM
Last years news is waaaaay better than this years news. Even an obituary.
2916 posts
Nov 16, 2020
1:02 PM
In the news . . .
"Dylan’s close friend, the late bluesman and music writer Tony Glover, kept a secret trove of memorabilia including personal correspondence, interview tapes, handwritten lyrics, and photographs. There’s even an original bootleg of “The Basement Tapes.” The historic haul is up for auction now through Nov. 19 via www.rrauction.com."
Go for it dude . . .
93 posts
Nov 17, 2020
7:57 PM
Another white kid who bought his book in the early 70s right here. Rest in peace, Tony "Little Sun" Glover.
65 posts
Nov 20, 2020
11:12 PM
Me Too! I believe it was 1974 for my copy. Prayers for him and family, he for sure touched all the harp players I knew.
2921 posts
Nov 21, 2020
7:49 AM
Sold for half a million
Thievin' Heathen
1228 posts
Nov 24, 2020
9:52 AM
@ Gnarly - I just read the Rolling Stone story of the Dylan letters/tapes. I came away with the impression that Bob Dylan and Tony Glover were friends and their friendship might have influenced why those letters/tapes never went public before Tony Glover's death.
2924 posts
Nov 24, 2020
11:27 AM
Yes, as the quote says, "Dylan’s close friend".

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