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Whose Blues? Facing Up to Race... [new book]
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Oct 04, 2020
9:15 AM
My new book, "Whose Blues? Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music," will be published by University of North Carolina Press and is available for preorder.

Here's a 5-minute video preview:

Whose Blues? is my sixth book and--leaving aside the self-published Busker's Holiday--my fifth book on the blues. Although blues harmonica isn't the book's primary focus, it's got quite a lot of blues harmonica content. Paging through the index just now, I found the following, in alphabetical order:

Andrew Alli, Billy Boy Arnold, Brandon Bailey, Carey Bell, Billy Branch, Paul Butterfield, Cadillac Records, James Cotton, Deak Harp, Rick Estrin, Harmonica Frank Floyd, Jon Gindick, Tony "Little Son" Glover, Big Walter Horton, Howlin' Wolf, Mitch Kashmar, Ken "Sugar Brown" Kawashima, Aki Kumar, Little Walter, Magic Dick, Charlie Musselwhite, Junior Parker, Damion Pearson, Rod Piazza, Jerry Portnoy, Robert "Dr. Feelgood" Potts, Jimmy Reed, Jason Ricci, Nat Riddles, Bobby Rush, Taro Senga, George "Harmonica" Smith, Sugar Blue, Sonny Terry, Junior Wells, Phil Wiggins, and Kim Wilson.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Whose Blues? Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music
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Oct 04, 2020
3:25 PM
Cool. I will look forward to reading it. I hope there will be an e-book version.
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Oct 04, 2020
4:10 PM
I enjoyed your book "Beyond the Crossroads" and I look forward to reading this one.

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