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Vintage exotica instrumental
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Oct 03, 2020
1:12 PM
My latest album release party.

Influenced by Korla Pandit.
Album is available on most digital platforms.
You can also buy a CD on bluebeatmusic
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
274 posts
Oct 08, 2020
4:58 PM
Love it!
I'm a huge Les Baxter, Martin Denny, etc etc fan. and slip in a little of that into playing on occasion.

You've probably heard this one

Last Edited by Rhartt1234 on Oct 08, 2020 4:58 PM
263 posts
Oct 09, 2020
5:26 AM
Very much enjoyed this
679 posts
Oct 11, 2020
1:03 PM
DirtyDeck, thank you so much!

Rhartt1234, thank you so much Ryan! I'm glad that you like it. I came to this music through Sam "The Man" Taylor albums. He loved to put some exotica feel in his music. And then I've discovered some other artists that you mentioned.
Yes! I have this CD and it's great! Alot of amazing musicians.
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)

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