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Ordinary man 9-5  lowrider band
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Sep 30, 2020
7:44 PM
Just heard this---Don't want to waste a lot time, any help welcome.

Haven't started obsessing a lot yet---Think there is an Emaj7--to Dmaj7--weird changes theory wise----could be way off.

tried reg tuned A---tried a melody maker in A--it seemed as though i was still missing a couple notes.

I will work on it later---but if u want figure out all the chords, or give me a websight with them.

Main question---do u know what key and or type harp he'es using----would like to to try an E melody maker ---don't have one.

any help appreciated---


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Oct 02, 2020
11:01 AM
Snowman - not totally familiar with Lee Oskar tunings anymore. Initially I couldn't decide if it's Melody Maker or Natural Minor. One clue once I started to really listen and play along... Lee hits a G with authority around 0:50-0:51 and sounds like an inhale note - Natural Minor has the 7 draw retuned. So an Em Natural minor would offer that: https://leeoskar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/NaturalMinor-Notation-Chart.pdf

I do see him holding two harmonicas though - so maybe he's using both. The camera work doesn't really do us any favors.

A harp in 2nd position gets you awful close in any case.
Ridge's YouTube
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Oct 03, 2020
8:31 AM
Thanks ridge,
I still havn't had time to learn all the chords.
I received a response from his websight-
Yr right , he uses 2 harps. With his labeling system an 'E mel maker' and an 'E nat minor.
I relabel my harps I use of his---So his E mel maker to me is an A mel maker--

I know 1st part verse is Emaj7 to I think Dmaj 7. The only note missing on his stuff is the b7 draw.

I can do the first 3-4 deals he does on a normal 'A harp'. I have a set of 12 keys with the 7th draw flatted, so that A harp worked well.
I never realized how staccato, crisp n clear he can play. Im going to work on that.

I should have time to mess with this weekend. If he is in E maj. Technically the chord possibilities are E F#m G#m A B C#m D#dim. This seldom implies correctly on rock n blues artists.

I have to figure out the first minor chord (time allowing.

Thanks for mentioning 2 harps---That coincides with info given.

Ps Enjoyed yr playing at the Foxfire camp last year. I could learn a lot from u. Yr very good.

Kinda bummed I missed the jam at the end---had to get water out of tent---didn't hear anything so I went to sleep ---Found out next mornin about it.

Anyway hope yr doing well----

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