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Robert Cooksey hole 10 blow bend
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Sep 27, 2020
11:35 AM
Do we have any Robert Cooksey specialists here? There's one note (it's repeated) on Leecan & Cooksey's Need More Blues that's got me intrigued.

Need More Blues (recorded in 1926) features first position F (!) harmonica. At a few points in the tune (either in bar 7, when were back in the F chord, or in bar 10, coming down from the V) Cooksey plays a six- or seven-note descending run that starts on the blow 10. But the blow 10 isn't F, it's bent down a half-step so it's an E. And there's a little coda at the end, with triplets, that starts and finishes on this same note, a half-step-bent blow 10. It's infernally difficult to do, especially on an F harp.

At no point in the tune does he play a natural F in hole 10. So is he blow-bending the note, or is his 10-hole blow reed a semitone flat?? I like to think the latter.

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Sep 27, 2020
7:58 PM
havn't had achance to analize------but a lot of times the recording speeds were off back then----If to slow "flat" more common than too fast "sharp"

In quick listen it sounnds like 7 limit old school tuning---

U propbably already know---but after years of playing----- harps start to lean to going a little flat.

Plus the old blues guys were the real deal. They probably played the same harp, or harps for 20-30 years who knows.

It is intrigueing and I will study it later.

right now Im obsessing on "1" 12 bar Mark hummel did in harpoventilater---think its the 13th final 12.

heres your deal ---I dig these old recordings

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Sep 27, 2020
8:08 PM
just tried to buy---only available in vinyl bummer
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Sep 28, 2020
11:08 AM
Thanks for your thoughts. It's not a recording speed issue as the rest of it's in pitch, in F.
You mean the Yahoo album? I have it on CD (in the UK), so it's out there, somewhere. Check out Discogs.
And please share your Hummel condundrum! At least that one's "modern"!
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Sep 28, 2020
7:26 PM
Will post it

Its only one of his 12 bar go rounds ---but it has a very different choice of notes. I love that kind of stuff---it forces me to go away from my normal note choices.

been workin on it on n off for a week---its 12 bar 185bpm 0r close----kinda works with all faster jump swing or shuffle---

will work on rod piazza "Juicy harp"---W clark "LOllipop Mama"----rocker L Walter

Im gonna post break down of it in week or so---I'll use my own tab formula

Off topic but if yr into fast Jump swing check out Juicy harp worked on that for a year on n off--

My mom would have wanted me to know, so i looked it up
"a confusing and difficult problem or question"

will check discodogs

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