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Overblow licks
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Sep 16, 2020
3:05 PM
I think I learn best by learning lots of cool licks, getting proficient at them, and then finding ways to apply them in different contexts (which includes breaking them down in my head theory-wise, and modifying them).

I have been improving my overblows, but I only really developed a couple of licks with them. I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some videos and other resources that might teach some licks involving overblows?

Generally, I play in 2nd position, but I'm pretty comfortable in other positions
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Sep 17, 2020
12:27 PM
Take licks you know in the lower octave that would require overblows if played higher, and transfer them up to the higher octave.
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Sep 17, 2020
1:18 PM
Pretty much what Winslow said - that's the approach that will yield the most licks. Take what you know and shift it into the middle octave.

If that exercise is hard, then it means you may not have as good a grasp on how the notes lay out. The big ones to commit to memory, at least if you're targeting overblows, are:
- Three draw half step bend = Six overblow = Ten blow bend
- Two draw half step bend = Five overblow = Nine blow bend
- One overblow = Four overblow = Eight blow bend

Jason definitely has OLD videos on lick doubling\tripling as an overall concept. Really it's a very powerful concept and one worth exploring always.

If you want a musical example - maybe dig up Adam's videos on Watermelon Man. It's a lot of fun to play and gets you working with 6 overblow repeatedly.
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Sep 30, 2020
5:37 AM
Check out Carlos del Junco; he plays a lot of overblows in a blues context. There are a lot of videos of him performing on YouTube, and some instructional videos too.
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Oct 01, 2020
1:20 PM
Thanks for your suggestions, everyone
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Oct 03, 2020
5:36 PM
I've been working on playing first position minor blues using i, iv, v, all minor 7th chords. That has allowed me to become more proficient using all the possible overbends, both overblows and overdraws.

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Oct 05, 2020
6:43 AM
Bluebird - are you looking for blues licks? I can try to record something and share it with some ideas.
Ridge's YouTube
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Oct 05, 2020
12:47 PM
Ridge - yes that would be fantastic!

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