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Moon Cat
819 posts
Sep 01, 2020
4:59 AM
Here I'm unboxing, examining, assembling, testing and comparing various custom combs and covers of a just a few of the many options that Tom Halchak and Blue Moon Harmonicas offer. We'll take a look at the website, many of their products and reasons to consider trying some of these exciting harmonica harmonica upgrades! https://www.bluemoonharmonicas.com

803 posts
Sep 01, 2020
5:25 AM
I have 4 of Tom's harps. I wish I had a basket full!!
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
2263 posts
Sep 02, 2020
9:08 AM
I've only seen part but very cool! I have a bunch of Blue Moon combs great product.
Moon Cat
820 posts
Sep 03, 2020
10:38 PM
Thanks for watching Yall!
523 posts
Sep 04, 2020
6:01 AM
Interesting and fun, as always!
2176 posts
Sep 04, 2020
8:36 AM
I enjoyed the unboxing video!

A couple years ago I indulged myself and picked up a couple of Blue Moon fancy cover sets for Manjis at SPAH. They are cool looking and make for impressive harps. I don't plan on spending what it would take to add bling to ALL my harps, but I like the cool look on those two. When you play, no one can see the harp covers very well. Still, I am glad I bought a couple.

I am of the belief that comb material resonance is not a significant issue when you listen out in the room. I don't think resonance is a big part of harp sound. Resonance in the player is a much bigger factor.

Regardless of my belief, the player may still notice differences when playing harps with various comb materials.

I think vented or non vented covers is more important to player perception of sound than any possible comb resonance differences. I also believe that whatever makes the player feel good about the sound will improve playing and the sound, so if it works for you, great!

At the same SPAH I also bought two Blue Moon phenolic resin combs to install on Manjis and they DID make a big difference in playability, probably due to comb flatness.

Tom makes good stuff.

Doug S.

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