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Shaker Retro Rocket, Shaker cable and LO z to hi z
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Aug 30, 2020
4:00 PM
I just got a Retro Rocket as my “starter” bullet mic, and am trying to figure out the transformer situation. I have a regular Shaker mic that I like with the Whirlwind converter. I’m stuck figuring out how to do the same with the Retro Rocket. I got the screw on to 1/4 converter, ran a 1/4 in to male XLR jack, then into the Whirlwind. One, it didn’t make the mic louder, and two, it hummed like mad unless the volume control was either all the way up or down. I tried a couple of different wirings for the XLR to the 2 conductor cable, but nothing I tried worked. I have XLR jacks, plenty of cable and I am great at soldering. I also have continuity checkers and a digital multimeter. I just don’t want to fork out $30 for the Shaker cable unless I know it will work. Has any body tried the Retro Rocket with a transfer and got it to be loud? Or did I get a bum mic? When I run it into a guitar preamp pedal it sounds fierce.
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Aug 30, 2020
4:18 PM
Did you try straight in to the amp?
Just 1/4" cable from 332 adapter into amp?

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Aug 30, 2020
4:42 PM
Yes, it works fine that way, just like the regular Shaker. Both the Shaker and the Retro Rocket are nice and clean due to the low output. The Shaker into the Whirlwind transformer using an XLR cable is much louder and overdrives nicely. No hum. The Retro Rocket into the 332 adapter, 1/4 in to XLR male to WhirlWind has about the same output as straight in, and hums.
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Aug 31, 2020
3:13 AM
I got a Shaker dynamic a couple years ago, with the cable. Added a low to hi xfmr at the amp end. Works fine. Sometimes the extra cash is worth less headache.

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Aug 31, 2020
5:41 AM
The cable isn’t a bad deal. The connectors and wire are most of the cost. Add in the time to assemble it and such I would have been happy to add the cable if I knew about it. Now I do, and have XLR jack and guitar cable (actually on hand as I’m also a guitarist who makes his own cables, but still). I’d just like to make them work.
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Sep 02, 2020
6:35 AM
I checked my problem with Shaker, and he said that isn’t right. He wanted it back to see what the problem is, so I guess I’m not nuts. I will report back what we find.

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