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Harmonica Collective with Gussow this Sunday
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Aug 01, 2020
11:55 AM
Sorry to be so late sharing news of this.

Tomorrow from 4 to 6 PM EDT, I'll be joining Jason and Winslow (no last names needed in this tribal context) at a Harmonica Collective webinar event, my first.

I'll be playing extracts from the new Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors album, COME TOGETHER, and talking, track by track, about what I played, why I played it, and how it was recorded and mixed. I've produced seven albums over the years (two AG solo, Brandon Bailey, Satan & Adam, two Blues Doctors, and now this), and I've never had the chance to do this sort of up-close-and-personal breakdown. I'm excited about it.

Registrants (for $35) will get a free download of the album.

Register here:

Gussow @Harmonica Collective

Here's a preview of the album:

Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors

Whose Blues? Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music

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