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Pedal noise
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Butterfield fan
35 posts
Jul 29, 2020
7:37 AM
so i have a bassman which sounds pretty sweet! However when I plug in any pedal be it - delay, lonewolf boogieman it starts to making a humming noise quite loud.....anything that will fixe that? I don't have cheap cables so i'm a bit at a loss.....thanks
Homeless Joe
15 posts
Jul 29, 2020
9:06 AM
Sounds to me like something is not grounded.
Butterfield fan
36 posts
Jul 29, 2020
9:22 AM
How do i sort that ?
Moon Cat
814 posts
Jul 29, 2020
12:59 PM
Make sure both the pedal/pedals and the amp are receiving proper power flow from a grounded three prong supply.
251 posts
Jul 29, 2020
7:09 PM
@Butterfield fan
I sell microphones so I get calls periodically from customers about similar issues. 90% of the time its a bad cable. I know you said you have good cables, but even good cables can go bad. Have you systematically changed them out one at a time to be sure?

Jim McBride
Bottle 'O Blues microphones
Butterfield fan
37 posts
Jul 29, 2020
11:00 PM
many thanks the only thing i would say is when the pedal isn't plugged in there is no background noise....so it's odd it's not the pedal rather than the cable although it does happen with every pedal.
6781 posts
Jul 30, 2020
6:11 AM
Are you using batteries or mains transformer?
I had one transformer I could not use with some pedalsbecause of noise issues.
I've just been watching a video made by Marcian Petrusco which featured a digital power supply causing a harp attack to squeal
2153 posts
Jul 30, 2020
8:00 AM
Good question! Some power supplies are noisy.

Find the common factors when troubleshooting for the source of the hum.

If all the pedals create the loud hum, but there is no hum without pedals, find what factors are constant.

The power supply? Try the pedal(s)with batteries if they allow for batteries. Make sure your pedal power supply is on the same circuit as the amp. Try the same pedal/cable setup with a different amp to check for hum.

The cable(s)? Try different cables. Do you get the hum when you play mic direct with the mic to the Bassman amp using these same cables? I have some cables that seemed fine except with one amp. I had to get a new and better cable to make the noise go away.

The mic? Have you tried a different mic?

The amp? Does the amp have a grounded power cord, or is it an older Bassman with a two prong cord? Does it have a polarity switch?

Finally, explore some of these issues:

Don't plug into a circuit with potential noise (neon and florescent lights for example). Try a different circuit.

Don't run your cables or pedals near AC power cords. Sometimes moving cords around can reduce hum if it is AC sourced.

[EDIT: Are your pedals sitting on the amp? If so, try moving them away from it.]

Good luck!

Doug S.

Last Edited by dougharps on Jul 30, 2020 12:44 PM
Butterfield fan
38 posts
Aug 01, 2020
3:29 AM
thanks Doug S and everyone for taking the time to help here much appreciated
Homeless Joe
16 posts
Aug 02, 2020
5:31 AM
Try another amp to rule out the amp. Try plugging headphones into the pedal. Some pedals have enough output for you to hear them in headphones. Listen for noise. Try other electrical outlets and outlets in other buildings.
Butterfield fan
39 posts
Aug 05, 2020
10:55 AM
so it is the pignose that is making the noise on all pedals - pedals make no noise on other amps have batteries in it, any fixes anyone can suggest?
6785 posts
Aug 05, 2020
5:33 PM
OP: "... i have a bassman which sounds pretty sweet! However when I plug in any pedal be it - delay, lonewolf boogieman it starts to making a humming noise quite loud.."

i'm confused. is it a bassman or a pignose?
Butterfield fan
40 posts
Aug 05, 2020
10:59 PM
pedals through the pignose as a pre amp connected to the bassman nice cruncy sound but hiss- cheers......i actually changed to batteries and the noise went which begs the question that if i use a 9v adaptor with the pignose will the noise disappear.
2166 posts
Aug 05, 2020
11:25 PM
If you have the Boogieman combo pedal you should not need other delay and certainly not the Pignose amp as a preamp. I suggest you spend some time learning to tweak settings with only the Bassman and Boogieman.

I wish you had mentioned your use of the Pignose at the start. Taking that out of the chain hat would have been my first recommendation.

Next Morning EDIT:
Using the Pignose preamp output as an effect adds a lot of gain to your signal. Any pedal noise from your pedals and their power supplies will be greatly amplified into the Bassman, which will amplify it more. One of the reasons the Bassman is a good harp amp is lower gain in the preamp circuit.

Using batteries for pedals removed the power supply noise going into the Bassman. Similarly, any noise from the Pignose power supply is stopped by using batteries.

While the Pignose might be useful effect into an amp used with guitar to add crunch, if you are playing harp through it at any gig volume level you will have increased the risk of feedback by adding the Pignose gain.

Your Boogieman pedal has the capability of adjustments to gain and output level that should make the Pignose unnecessary. It should be less noisy and should provide plenty of crunch.

Doug S.

Last Edited by dougharps on Aug 06, 2020 7:01 AM
Butterfield fan
41 posts
Aug 06, 2020
10:44 PM
Hey Doug sorry should have added that in at the beginning thought i had. Very much appreciate your time and effort and detail in your reply - many thanks!

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