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October 2019 CU Folk & Roots song
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Jul 23, 2020
2:01 PM
At the 2019 CU Folk & Roots Festival our sometimes trio listed ourselves: "Veteran players Matt Stewart (guitar), Bob Watson (guitar), and Doug Schroer (harmonica) reunite at CU Folk & Roots to make musical mischief playing acoustic folk/blues/rock". A friend in the audience recorded the audio and shared it with me.

We play as a trio two or three times a year at most. We were suitably self indulgent in our jamming out our musical mischief at the Festival.

We rotated singing each song. Here is one I sang.

I am really missing playing live music all the time. The weekly Hootenanny jamming has been shut down, though I recorded 3 songs solo for one virtual "Hoot at Home".

I played one outdoor duo gig last week, my only gig since the shutdown began in March. I had to turn down a gig due to outdoor stage crowding with 4-6 people and not enough room for safety. I have another outdoor duo booked for August.

I miss playing live with others!

Doug S.

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