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Replacement speaker help appreciated
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John M G
367 posts
Jul 22, 2020
12:26 AM
So I bought a Matrix VB-800 hybrid solid state amp.
Matrix VB-800 details
Power Section: Class A/B MosFet SMPS powered delivering
@ 16 ohms: 150W @ 8 ohms: 300W @ 4 0hms: 420W
I had acquired a pair of Celestion NTR08 2009D 200watt 8 ohm speakers and after about 2 years got around to building the extension cabinet for the speakers. 19 mm solid pine with dovetail joints all around.
I set it up with the speakers wired in parallel to give me a 400 watt @ 4 ohm cabinet
Took it to a rehearsal and after just a couple of hours of use through a vocal mic at very low volume the amp went high voltage dc and blew the speakers! Not that I knew this at the time.
I spoke via email to a guy at Matrix in the UK, and then promptly blew another neo 12" speaker after replacing a ceramic fuse!!!!!!!!!!!!
The air was kinda blue at this point and not just from the smoke and sparks that leapt out of the Matrix NL-12 speaker cab!
So I now have an empty 2 x 8 cabinet and not sure whether to get the dead 8" Celestion's re coned or use new speakers, but if so what?
I also now have the speaker cab for the 12 speaker which I've decided to use this with my Quilter Micro Block 45, any suggestions for a suitable speaker to go with this amp?
Any help gratefully received

Last Edited by John M G on Jul 22, 2020 12:27 AM
106 posts
Jul 22, 2020
8:33 AM
For the 12 inch, you might try the Celestion Quilter puts in their 12 inch HD Micro Pro. Durable, light and seems to work quite well. Of course you won't need that kind of power handling with the Micro Block 45. Other suggestions would be Jensen Jet Tornado 12, Eminence Cannibis Rex.
390 posts
Jul 23, 2020
2:27 PM
FWIW I have a speaker cab with a 12 “ Cannabis Rex and a 8” Weber Alnico. The CR gives great base response and th Weber gives me the early break up I wanted. So I can’t tell you if the CR alone would give you what you need but I love the sound I get. Oh, they’re driven by a Vox MV50 Boutique amp which has a proprietary “mini tube” in the pre amp and gets a tube like sound out of what’s basically a solid state amp. I also have a Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 combo amp with a 10” speaker that also dials in my sound pretty well
601 posts
Jul 30, 2020
10:12 AM
Contact weber speakers.

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