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Heartfelt Blues
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Grey Owl
1055 posts
Jun 28, 2020
9:10 AM
This is my cover of a heartfelt tribute song to his hero the late J B Lenoir by British Blues Legend John Mayall, still touring at the age of 86 (well he would be but for Covid causing cancellations). Mayall is a die-hard Bluesman and band leader who has kick-started the careers of many famous guitarists including Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

Grey Owl
Wailing ptarmigan
18 posts
Jul 01, 2020
5:32 AM
Positively beautiful brother!
Grey Owl
1057 posts
Jul 02, 2020
9:30 AM
Thanks, my friend!

Grey Owl
2141 posts
Jul 02, 2020
9:50 AM
Good performance, but so sad...

Doug S.
594 posts
Jul 02, 2020
10:39 AM
laid back JJ Cale feel-----cool
595 posts
Jul 02, 2020
10:53 AM
Does that rack work ok for u---yr good on the rack. I cut the metal below the spring, extend lower strip, and put the upper part on with wingnut and swivel etc.

U can adjust it so, u don't have to reach up to play harp. Its pointing down, very easy to play.
Its similar to hohner flex but better.

Main point: I can't tell if u had to reach "up" to play or not.

If so do yr self a favor ---play with another rack----cut it etc have a swivel pt. I can't play a regular rack any more---once u get one adjusted to yr playing----U NEVER GO BACK

I now have a jury rigged 'flex rack'----a farmer rack with the "rack it" and

a very fancy one I customized--the angle and height is perfect --I can lay into it 'Toungue block' or whatever.

This definately just a suggestion ---u play graet
596 posts
Jul 02, 2020
11:13 AM
the playing is mediocre and from years ago but

check out the rack angle etc---pointing down and has a swivel pt reg racks don't have.

I have 3 racks at my shop I want to fix n sell but Im slow may never happen
Grey Owl
1058 posts
Jul 02, 2020
12:08 PM
Thanks Doug. Strangely a lot of critics found Mayall's song trite. Have they no hearts?
I personally found the song moving. It is no secret that he cites JB as influencing him more than any other, so I have no doubt in believing his lyrics were heartfelt. His voice on this song is in a higher register than I sang which adds even more poignancy.

Snowman. I don't play rack harp that often and have nearly always used a standard neck rack rather than the Mic boom I used here. I thought I'd give it a try because I always feel constrained with the neck rack as I have to set it very close to by mouth to feel I'm getting a grip on the harp especially for bends. Also I hold the harp way off horizontal when I'm playing so it feels weird to play on a horizontal rack. Your suggestion of a doctored rack might help with this at least.

Another thing is I probably don't play enough rack to get comfortable in having to move my head to the holes rather than moving the harp to the holes with my hands when playing normally.

The boom rack was a partial success as I didn't feel cramped and could set my angle but you can see it moved a bit at times which was unsettling.

I know you're a good and long term rack player so it might be just a matter of me practising more to get comfortable.

btw was there supposed to be a vid of the rack angle on your last post?

Grey Owl

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