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Strnad Mic for 16 hole Chromatic
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Jun 19, 2020
2:10 PM
Years ago, I bought a Strnad mic 16 hole chromatic. It was when I was fairly new to harmonica, and had visions of mastering diatonic and chromatic and being awesome. I never seemed to ever work on learning the chromatic, so the mic never got used.
In the last few months, I have started playing the big chromatic again, so I tried using the Strnad mic.

I am noticing that I can only get it to work if it is plugged directly into an amp (no pedals etc., won't work plugged into the 1/4" instrument jack on a PA, can't plug into a DI and run to a PA).

I love the idea of the mic, as it is so big to try and play and cup, and get a good sound across multiple octaves with a bullet mic, but I would also want to add some effects to beef up the sound (and I am trying to get a rig together for going direct into the PA). Any idea why it is only working if plugged direct into an amp?

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