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SPAH 2020 canceled announced
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Jim Rumbaugh
1353 posts
May 11, 2020
10:59 AM
I just heard.
This is from the SPAH homepage:

It is with great sadness that the SPAH board has concluded that we cannot safely hold the 2020 SPAH Convention in St Louis. Therefore, the SPAH 2020 Convention is officially canceled. We will sincerely miss seeing you all this year.

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
1516 posts
May 11, 2020
11:16 AM
Further evidence that the world is indeed coming to an end.
Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
2799 posts
May 11, 2020
11:56 AM
Discretion is the better part of valor.
2105 posts
May 11, 2020
2:04 PM
Probably 3/5 of the 400 to 500 attendees qualify as high risk of harm if contracting the virus, myself included. The activities feature breathing air in and out repeatedly through harmonicas in order to play music, moving lots of air in and out of many lungs in closed spaces.

The attendees usually come from all over the USA and many travel from international origins.

Given the nature of the virus and lack of a vaccine or consistently effective treatment, the attendees numbering 400 to 500, the attendees age demographics, their home origins, the types of activities planned to take place in enclosed venues, and the inconsistency of the waxing and waning of infection in different locals, I think the SPAH folks made the right call.

These are unfortunate and difficult times.

Barring effective treatment and/or immunization via vaccine, I fear that the world cannot return to the previous casual approach to crowded group activities.

Let's hope they figure out a good treatment soon! I REALLY miss playing live music with others!

Doug S.
Thievin' Heathen
1204 posts
May 13, 2020
4:13 PM
I think a bunch of already questionably hygienic harmonica players getting together for a lot of huffin' & puffin' could redefine "Hot Spot".
1687 posts
May 15, 2020
9:58 AM
We're working right now to scehdule online performances and seminars for SPAH week.
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