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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > Inside a SKYPE lesson: "Playing Fast"
Inside a SKYPE lesson: "Playing Fast"
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Moon Cat
811 posts
Apr 13, 2020
10:49 PM
Here is a really special opportunity to sit in on a one hour Ricci harmonica Skye lesson about ways to play FAST! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally found a student brave enough. Thank you Tal Fisher your a great student, listener and a quick study! The lesson covers: Pat Ramsey-isms, breathing patterns, double time, moveable licks, triangulations, glissandos and more! Tal is a beast digesting all of it! Enjoy this fun lesson. Thank you!
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1745 posts
Apr 14, 2020
8:21 PM
Jason, this is pure gold! Thank you for sharing!

I could be busy with this for years.

1 post
Apr 15, 2020
8:22 AM
This was great. I wrote down some of these excersizes into my growing practice routine.
Thank you

USGrant from You tube :)
554 posts
Apr 15, 2020
9:49 AM
Very encouraging,
U broke it down into 2 not and 3 note deals, that together sound like a run.
I taped off holes 1-6 for 6 months once, to learn the high end of the harp. Believe it or not ,Im gonna tape off all but holes 1 n 2 then 3 n 4 etc.,on one harp. It helped me a great deal before.

do u have a donate on yr website?? didn't see one

Thanks very much for this lesson---it breaks it down into manageable chunks
Moon Cat
812 posts
Apr 17, 2020
4:29 PM
Hey everyone thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed the lesson. Tal was a brave soul to allow this but he's such a quick study I had to put it up because it allowed so much material to get covered. It's a bit unrealistic for most of us me included to learn as fast as this guy but it does help to demonstrate the content easily. Snowman, Thanks big bro! Sure I'd be happy to take a small reasonable donation if you want my paypal is just my email and you can also contact me there for any reason it's: jasonricci1@gmail.com THANKS AGAIN for watching!
John M G
357 posts
Apr 17, 2020
6:18 PM
Thanks from me too Jason, so many massive chunks of knowledge. I'd never heard of breathing patterns before. That draw draw, blow blow was a big insight.
Thank you
61 posts
Apr 20, 2020
8:32 AM
Really terrific. Just following along and not fully digging in is a dexterity workout for me. Thanks so much.

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