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The Movie
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The Iceman
4067 posts
Apr 06, 2020
6:30 PM
"Cadillac Records" is on Netflix.

Based loosely on the Chess Records story.

The ZZ Topp documentary looks interesting.

As long as you're on Netflix, check out The Tiger King, too.

The Iceman

Last Edited by The Iceman on Apr 06, 2020 6:32 PM
Homeless Joe
9 posts
Apr 06, 2020
7:42 PM
I watched "Cadillac Records" maybe 5 times. It's a great movie, one of my favorites.
212 posts
Apr 07, 2020
12:27 PM
The butterfield movie is on amazon prime. There’s another movie on there called Portland soul about the blues scene there and has footage of Delay and Curtis Salgado
The Iceman
4068 posts
Apr 07, 2020
12:34 PM
sonvolt - it's called Portland Mojo - free with prime membership, $1.99 to rent.
The Iceman
Blind Melon
118 posts
Apr 08, 2020
9:38 AM
I was not aware of the Portland Mojo. I will have to check it out. Same with the Butterfield movie.

Another documentary to check out is Johnny Winter Down & Dirty on Amazon (Free for Prime Members). I highly recommend it.
The Iceman
4072 posts
Apr 08, 2020
10:24 AM
There's also a pretty cool recent documentary on Netflix about Robert Johnson.

Thanks for any movie recommendations about musicians, btw...
The Iceman

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