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Paul Delay first position harmonica solos?
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Carlos del Junco
14 posts
Apr 01, 2020
11:49 AM
Hey there, is anyone super familiar with Delay's recorded output? Dos he have any awesome 1st portions solos? I'm certainly plenty ware of his 3rd position playing.
cheers, Carlos
235 posts
Apr 01, 2020
7:36 PM
Here is a listing..

6566 posts
Apr 01, 2020
9:17 PM
That list appears to draw from the same list i have. The stuff relating to deLay is actually where i have found the most errors, but usually that's in relation to his chromatic pieces

For what its worth, i made that original big list of 520 odd albums into a spreadsheet so i could do easy searches for such things. if anyone wants a copy of my spreadsheet, you can download it here. i take no responsibility for the accuracy, or any credit for the research. it displays pretty funny when you follow the link but its legit.You'll need Excell to read it/use it effectively

ive only got 3 1st position recordings noted for Paul Delay:

I Want To Be Loved – G, from both The Blue One and the You're Fired albums. This is the willie Dixon number, the solo is brief but effective, mainly on the top end but also strays to the low end

Would You Baby – A, from the Teasin' album, he plays about the last minute of the song, its pretty cool

and If She Is – C chromatic from the Ocean of Tears album. Nice work

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Carlos del Junco
15 posts
Apr 02, 2020
2:48 PM
That's awesome - thanks both Sydeman and Superbee..! I'll check out the Excel sheet. Just quickly referenced the Youtube versions - very cool! Thanks for that.
69 posts
Apr 03, 2020
2:42 PM
There's a bootleg recording of Waterfront Blues Festival 2005 where he plays 1st position on "Call Him Fingerlickin". If you google "Paul Delay Waterfront Blues Festival 2005" you'll find it.
2 posts
Apr 15, 2020
2:45 PM
I know everybody loves Paul Delay (me too). I have played harp 45 years and was playing full-time by age 20 in SoCal. I lived 30 years though in Oregon, 5 hrs. south of Paul/Portland. I know folks wonder about his mic/PA/gear rig. He mentioned this on his last CD "Heavy Rotation" liner notes. The tech who worked on my Fender Tweed Amps was the tech who invented Paul’s “Space Case”, they were going to market it and then Paul passed over. He was in Medford and Paul had sent it down to him for repairs, the large black “briefcase” that Paul kept his harps (Big Rivers), JT-30, cable in, where he could plug mic right into side of case, where the tube pre-amp was that this man invented for Paul, and then run the “out cable” over to the PA system. It had two tubes in there (like 12AX7) and could be adjusted for output/tone. The first prototype had one tube only. Anyway, I got a call one day from him, that Paul had asked him “please call Gabriel and see if he would come test the repairs on the Space-Case out for me and see how it sounds”. I had only met Paul once but, I guessed he liked my playing enough to ask that I do the testing since he was 5 hours away up in Portland. Anyway, I went down to the shop in Medford and gave it "put it through the paces". Anyway, for those curious, that is some info on his amp rig.
668 posts
Apr 16, 2020
12:55 PM
Gabriel: You might want to start a separate thread about your experiences with Paul and (Man am I curious) his space case. Great post: many will enjoy your perspective! I met Paul once and enjoyed how articulate he was - on and off the harp.
11 posts
Apr 23, 2020
10:36 PM
Sounds good. I just signed up here, not on any other harp sites, so I could likely do that. It's always nice to know what people are playing and I do have some first hand knowledge from 1970's, when I was starting and some of the pros shared with me about their gear....Fingers Taylor, Norton Buffalo, Charlie McCoy, Tom Doucette (Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East), etc. Plus a couple studio Engineers who did Kim Wilson recordings.

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