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RIP Manu Dibango
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The Iceman
4055 posts
Mar 25, 2020
9:49 AM
Very influential sax/arranger for Afro funk....1st "celebrity" to die of Wuhan Virus - he was in his 80's and passed away in France yesterday.

btw, his Wakafrika CD is one of my desert island CD picks...check out this arrangement and the awesome drumming contained within....

The Iceman
174 posts
Mar 25, 2020
10:01 AM
When I read about Manu's death it caught my attention as I had just been listening to some of his music as well as several other African musicians that I had included in my music computer in my studio. A lot of fun stuff to play along to.
83 posts
Mar 28, 2020
3:51 AM
Hey, gang! Unlurking after a while to say:

1. Hello! Hope everyone is hangin' in there.

2. I actually wound-up making this playlist a few RIP threads back:

I don't normally share online things or do the social medias (and I'm not sure if that link will work here or not), but Ice was kind enough to indulge me... so here you go.

Note to Larry: I couldn't find everything on Spotify that was on your list, but it's pretty close. Makes for quite an enjoyable quarantine shuffle.

Take care,

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