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Harp Mini Amps 2020
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Mar 17, 2020
2:06 PM
Hi folks,

Hope you're all doing well. I'm looking into picking me up a mini amp for blowin' the blues on me marine bands. Better not spend too much or the missus will be frownin' and cussin'. I'm looking at perhaps a Blackstar Fly or a Fender Mini 57, something like that. If any of you folks have some good experience with them little amps or better, I'd be grateful to hear your thoughts.

Cheers. Be happy, stay safe.
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Mar 17, 2020
3:41 PM
Depends what you want. Mini amps will do clean at very low volume. Enough for practice. They don't do crunchy very well. At least that was my assessment a few years ago and I wound up with a Blackstar Fly. More for the package and bells and whistles than tone.

Stay safe, indeed.
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Mar 17, 2020
4:34 PM
About a month ago I went and got one of the $20 Danalectro Mini amps. I was really surprised. It sounded pretty good, and was a blast to play around with. The issue was that it only really worked when I had it plugged in. When I used a battery to power it, it cut in and out and didn't sustain when cranked up. (Mic was an Sm57 with volume control and impedance transformer. But even the lowz cable did this)

So, I returned it to Guitar Center and upgraded to the Orange Mini. Yea, it was more money ($70) but it feels more like a real amp. Cleans are only really possible at lower volumes, but when you get the gain and volume just right it sounds very convincing. The tone knob is really intuitive too. Clockwise scoops the mids- counter accentuates the mids., perfect for harp. And... using the Sm57, I haven't had any real feedback issues thus far. I also like it because it is analog and does not sound too processed.

Hope this helps!
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Mar 17, 2020
5:00 PM
If you are a DIY person, you could try this:

My original post about the amp:
Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.

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