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Blooz - Sam Friedman
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16 posts
Mar 11, 2020
3:34 AM

Last Edited by sammyasher on Mar 11, 2020 3:35 AM
205 posts
Mar 12, 2020
10:48 PM
That's very tasty to me.

John M G
347 posts
Mar 13, 2020
6:01 AM
I agree with hooktool.
Well worth a listen. Thanks for sharing it Sam
The Iceman
4047 posts
Mar 13, 2020
8:05 AM
Enjoying his mixture of "harmonicky" basic 2nd position ideas, OB's, space - as well as speed chops that make perfect musical sense over the changes.
The Iceman
777 posts
Mar 14, 2020
9:00 AM
There's a lot to like in a few minutes. I especially enjoyed the turn around at about 2:22-2:25.

Can you kind of explain to me what you do at 1:25 and the few seconds after that? Is the progression kind of going up by half steps - whatever it is, it's got a really cool feel to it!

Ridge's YouTube
442 posts
Mar 21, 2020
11:47 PM
Loved it. Nice jazzy feel, speed once in a while, but not overwhelming the song. Nice bluesy feel, too. I love jazzy blues and bluesy jazz. I'd like to hear more of your playing.
wolf kristiansen
548 posts
Mar 26, 2020
7:02 PM
Thanks so much for this post---years ago I went through an obsessive period. I was learning to tweak my harps for ob and od---I kept workin on it and really was not very successful at playing them.

Then I realized I wasn't that good at regular harp and started workin in that.

In the process I learned how to tune and gap FOR ME.I learned how to replace reeds I screwed up in the process. Overall Im glad, I have lots of tools and can work on my harps when needed.
With harps that came well gapped or I got lucky and did it myself w/out "F...in" up a reed, I was able to get 6ob most everything 4-6 on many and od7 on a few.

I've been able to bend 6ob on many, I still am and was extremely mediocre at it.


u have some stuff Im practicing on that gives me hope. Ive been doing one that has 4od up 6ob and bend--theres an 8 draw in there---anyway its musical and isn't forced.

So many times I see good harp players ,much better than me force their ob and od , like they have to prove they can do it.

Any way thanks a lot for this post. I finally have a couple ob runs I can mix with my stuff that sounds bluesy and more importantly "musical"

I have hope in this again.

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