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Doug Demming's Drummer = good harp player, too
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The Iceman
4018 posts
Feb 13, 2020
1:58 PM
Met him at the blues house party in Orlando last Nov....unfortunately, can't remember his name, but just came across this cool example of his playing....(for some reason, not finding the code to imbed on youtube for videos now - did they eliminate it?)

The Iceman
3163 posts
Feb 13, 2020
2:20 PM
It's ZACK POMERLEAU -was a member of this forum-I have to catch up with him next time I see the band.
Good to know!!
6488 posts
Feb 14, 2020
3:56 AM
I think the embed feature is not on phone version of yt. Still available on my desktop browser
The Iceman
4019 posts
Feb 14, 2020
4:18 AM
All I use is a desktop browser....no embed feature any longer on certain desktop computers while others still have it?

Video on my office computer has no embed feature. Video on my home computer (running Windows XP) still has it, so here it is...

The Iceman

Last Edited by The Iceman on Feb 14, 2020 5:10 AM
1715 posts
Feb 14, 2020
7:06 AM
I'm a big fan of Doug Deming and went to see him last summer in Cleveland. He introduced the band and I thought to myself,I know that drummer's name. It took me 2 sets to figure out he was once a frequent poster on here. Had a nice little "harp geek" talk after the show. Nice guy,too.I missed the line where they handed out talent. He must of stood in line twice.
233 posts
Feb 14, 2020
7:23 AM
here is a video Zack did 10 years ago
The Iceman
4020 posts
Feb 14, 2020
8:43 AM
wow....Zack has really come into his own since this old video from 10 years ago....he morphed from a guy discovering OB's and noodling up and down the harmonica into a total traditional blues player with FAT TONE and simple but effective ideas.

btw, he is an even better blues drummer than he is a harmonica player.
The Iceman
2895 posts
Feb 14, 2020
10:20 AM
I think he dropped off this group when he got out of high school.
3638 posts
Feb 15, 2020
9:02 AM
He's gotten good at traditional blues playing but he's now even better as a drummer and trust me, REALLY good blues drummers are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find, let alone hang on to and he can stay employed in blues bands far longer and be in far greater demand than a harp player, guitar player, or any other instrument other than a truly good blues bass player.
Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
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Mar 28, 2020
6:36 PM
Well, this was a very very cool surprise. I was just scrolling through here and saw this post. I am still active on the Facebook group but not so much here.

JoeL, that’s pretty much it. I became disinterested in the whole crazy overblow thing and started playing more drums. With that came more study of classic blues anyways and I saw no reason to not pick up a harp and learn it.

I played with the Iceman at a private party and he played some cool stuff, and had a B-Radical which was super cool to see in person. We also discussed Chris Michaelek and all though guys from the start of the big chromatic push on diatonic.

But yeah, I spent a lot of time on drums as it was my first instrument and I just really enjoyed what I could do and say more on drums. But I love harmonica and still love that old Deford Bailey stuff and of course the Walters. I appreciate the kind words on my drumming and harp playing.

By the way, the band just did our first live stream on Facebook. I rigged up a mic with a vacuum attachment to play harp while drumming. It worked okay. I’m just waiting on my G-Rack mic to come in. Stay tuned!
1415 posts
Mar 28, 2020
6:45 PM
Tuck- that was a great gig and we were late because of van problems. It was super nice meeting you and chatting!

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