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Tech help - Quiet(ish) practice set up
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Feb 10, 2020
11:45 AM
Not the techiest of tech guys here, so bear with me.

My goal: Play harp into a Mic of some kind along to a track. Both the track and harp need to be patched into headphones. I need to keep my practice volume down as much as possible. Just looking for a clean sound. Dirty bullet/amp tone not necessary.

Gear on hand:
-Sm57 and Green Bullet
-Various amps
-Various ear buds
-Old MacBook Pro that works well
*willing to make a purchase or two in order to make this happen

Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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Feb 10, 2020
12:31 PM
Simplest is likely using the MacBook Pro. If you plug into a ‘real’ amp, you’ll have to find a way to shut the speaker down, and that always seems a drag to me.

That said, I’ve never done it. If I was to do it, I suppose I’d probably think about using garage band which I assume is already on the Mac. That gives the possibility to play a track and an instrument and monitor both.
To do that, I think you just need a way to plug your mic in. I haven’t done it, and a long time since I thought about it but I’m sure it’s just some sort of interface to plug your XLR into something which then plugs into the computer via usb. You might want a preamp of some sort between the mic and interface, but I reckon that’s how I’d approach it.
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Feb 10, 2020
2:20 PM
Just buy a USB Audio Interface.
That way you can plug into your computer, then you can use an amp simulator software like Amplitube.

Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
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Feb 10, 2020
3:08 PM
This might meet your needs as you stated in the OP:

headphone amplifier

Doug S.
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Feb 11, 2020
4:12 AM
A small 4 channel mixer will allow you to plug in mics, instruments and a computer and then out to your headphones for around $100. They all provide some EQ but you can also add pedals to shape your sound.

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A-Static Cal
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Feb 11, 2020
6:10 AM
Right now I'm using an interface like rogonzab suggests, but running a Joyo American Sound into a reverb pedal, into it and monitoring with headphones. I've used a 57 and a bullet. They both work. But the amp sim sounds like fun.
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Feb 11, 2020
7:57 AM
I use a Shure 585 into a Digitech RP355 into a computer, but any hi-z mic would serve, or you can use a impedance match if you use a low-z mic. With digitech you'll have plenty of amps and effects. and you can buy second hand models and even patches designed by Richard Hunter
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Feb 11, 2020
12:45 PM
Yeah, pretty sure Garage band has a bunch of effects and amp models too. I can’t comment about whether they are in the same league as these other software amps or how they compare to putting pedals into the signal chain, but since you already have the software on the computer I reckon it’s worth checking out before spending extra.
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Feb 18, 2020
6:38 AM
Thanks so much for all the above responses. I went with the headphone amp as suggested by Doug. Absolutely perfect for my needs!

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