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Bogen E30
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Jan 01, 2020
2:36 PM
Does anyone have any experience with a Bogen E30 for harp ?
Happy New Year !

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Thievin' Heathen
1189 posts
Jan 04, 2020
11:39 AM
I have an old Bogen MX30. IIRC, it's a 4 Channel PA. I have it plugged into an Acoustic 6x10 cabinet and it never leaves my shudio. (that's shed/studio). I rarely use it. I really should go power it up and play through it for awhile. It's really too big to be practical but it turned up on Craigslist the day after a guy who used to run sound for Delbert McClinton told me, "ya know, what you really need is an old Bogen". I only paid $70 for it.

What YOU really need is an old Bogen.
Note: All the XLR plugs are backwards by today's standard.
2054 posts
Jan 04, 2020
1:44 PM
My 2-6L6 Stromberg-Carlson AU-57 has the same reversed XLRs on 3 channels and one Amphenol screw on connecter. I like it, but it is soooo heavy!

Doug S.
831 posts
Jan 11, 2020
9:15 AM
Hahaha - Thieven Heathen - I traded 300 Poke man cards for it !


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