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Young Harp Player making harp great again
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Dec 26, 2019
9:12 AM
"As a community, we should be celebrating and supporting having a young, capable player out representing our beloved instrument to a broad audience."

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mr. Ross Garren.
This is from four years ago--demonstrating pitch vibrato on overbends on a blues track.

Here he is performing live with my buddy Andre LaFosse on guitar, playing chromatic on Blue in Green.

This is Ross playing bass harmonica with Alex Paclin on the classic Blue Ronda a la Turk.

And the latest clip, playing with Ben Folds.

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Todd Parrott
1518 posts
Dec 26, 2019
12:58 PM
Ross is also a brilliant piano player.
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Dec 27, 2019
7:05 AM
Didn't think I'd see the day when I would be cited on MBH. I have officially arrived.

And yes, Ross, for me, is an accomplished musician. To refer to him as only a harmonica player would be a huge disservice to his talents.

Ridge's YouTube
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Dec 28, 2019
8:02 AM
Yeah, Ross played our piano when he came down to San Diego to pick up some harps I had worked on. It's a hand me down player (with some issues, the sustain pedal is funky and the player no longer functions, but IT'S A PIANO and deserves some respect anyway) we received courtesy of my mother in law.

Ross is also performing these days on the Harmonetta, a free reed "mouth accordion" that looks like you are blowing into an adding machine (sorry Millennials, you might not get the reference).

I am encouraged that modern working musicians would include harmonica in their performances--the dirty little secret is that it requires devotion from the player. I like to claim that harp is the "ultimate BS detector".

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