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Dec 01, 2019
7:51 AM
most of you have heard allman bros live at fillmore east.....this CD has alternate takes......on stormy Monday thom Doucette plays harp after duane and then dickey betts solo....don't know why it was not on the recording....doucettes harp solo was great....
The Iceman
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Dec 01, 2019
10:07 AM
back in that day, producers weren't thinking "Great Harmonica" in decisions made for these recordings...new releases w/alternate takes are the doorway into stuff that never made it to the public originally.
btw, fillmore concerts from that era were pretty cool records - Humble Pie live at the Fillmore is one example, and Marriot played a mean harmonica, too!
The Iceman
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Dec 01, 2019
2:32 PM
Not sure this is correct I think I read an interview from the recording eng. in the mobile truck that recorded those shows if I remember it right the eng was saying they were playing over 300 shows a year at that time & the Brothers were always trying out different musicians & instruments & wanted a sax player for the Fillmore shows but they could not get the the live mix right & the eng. had to bring em to the truck & show how the sax was burying the guitars and convinced them to not use sax player & they brought Thom who was a close friend of one of the Bros. kinda interesting if thats true & glad they didn't have sax.
That's one of my all time favorite album with some great harp playing.
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Dec 01, 2019
7:15 PM
Some of the harp solos (Stormy Monday?), deleted from the original release, are on the reissued Fillmore Concerts version.

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed from this album could be the best live track ever. You can learn volumes about playing by just copping licks from Duane, Dickey, and Gregg. In fact, I have. I used to play this with a former band. Worked on it for a month and a half, practicing daily, before I'd try it with my band. This is not a song to be trifled with. It demands respect.

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Dec 02, 2019
4:00 AM
dickey betts said in an interview that duane played harp licks on guitar....that's very clear on please don't keep me wondering
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Dec 03, 2019
9:17 AM
Does any one know if u can get the version with thom doucette of Stormy monday

looked on line and u tube

Allman at fillmore etc is one of my all time favorite album. cd. I love the allman brothers
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Dec 03, 2019
11:39 AM
yes go to amazon and order the fillmore concerts......after duane&dickeys guitar solo thom steps out with a harp solo......its very strong...….hes now a yoga instructor in florida

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