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Working on Sad Hours
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Nov 30, 2019
12:42 AM
Groyster1 suggested i should play Sad Hours, and i like the song so i was open to that idea.
Then i was reading Margie Goldsmith's book of interviews and i read Rick Estrin talking about the 3 albums which formed his basic foundation, 1 of which was The Best of Little Walter.
i looked at the tracklist and realised i play half the songs from the album, and decided to make a project of the rest.
Sad Hours is the 1st of those. This is using one of Shoji Naito's backing tracks. He made one in E called Mad Hours, and one in F called Mad Hours in F. They are subtly different. (Edit: lol, I did not mean to be a smartarse about that but maybe it reads that way. The track in F has some echo on it. Little Walter’s record is in F btw) This is the one in E. A bit of a rush job with the video and its pushed the computer mic into the red slightly at times. not too bad i hope. a work in progress like my playing in general but its coming along.

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Nov 30, 2019
5:27 AM
that's so righteous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!look up to the members of this forum despite quarrels......I really do listen to what you guys post......your posts are invaluable to me
The Iceman
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Dec 01, 2019
6:54 AM
Just for fun, try those long tone 2 hole inhale second bends about a foot above the floor....will pull it into better tune and give a slightly different flavor.

Estrin is a great one for playing bends closer to proper pitch rather than 1/4 tone flat.
The Iceman
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Dec 01, 2019
11:50 AM
I appreciate the feedback Iceman.
You’ve made similar obs before on something else I played and I’m trying to be conscious of it and still I’m flat. Long time habits I guess.
I’ll keep working
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Dec 01, 2019
1:42 PM
One of my favorite songs by LW. I have yet to attempt to cover it. Fine work Bee.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.



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